Art and Science of Love Workshop

September 8-9, 2018

This session of the Art and Science of Love will be presented to serve the LGBTQ+ community.

Married, dating, enganged and/or cohabitating couples are all welcome to attend this two-day workshop. If you are not members of the LGBTQ+ community, you are still welcome to attend!

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  1. LGBTQ+
    As a member of and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Sarah understands the unique struggles that members of the community face regarding coming out, family complications, transition, self-acceptance, and other issues.
  2. Relationship Counseling
    Relationships are fundamental to our existence. Using her extensive training and experience, Sarah helps couples to build healthier communication and conflict resolution. Sarah is also experienced in working with polyamory, BDSM dynamics, same-sex relationships, and relationships where one partner is in transition.
  3. HIV+
    Sarah began her career as a counselor in a program for HIV+ men, and has continued as an advocate, educator and HIV counselor ever since. Managing your mental health is an important aspect of an HIV+ diagnosis, and as an expert in HIV, Sarah is uniquely qualified to work with HIV+ clients looking to learn to manage their diagnosis.
  4. PTSD/Trauma/EMDR
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma are things that are becoming all too common in the world today, and everyone has different experiences and needs. Sarah's extensive trauma training, including EMDR (Eye Movement De-Sensitization Repetition), gives her the opportunity to help her clients process and overcome their traumas.
  5. Mood Disorders
    Mood disorders make up a significant part of the mental illness diagnoses that are given. Anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, etc. are difficult to manage and often even more difficult to explain to others. Sarah understands these struggles, and works with her clients to learn to manage their mood disorders with healthy and effective lifestyle changes and coping skills.
  6. Substance Abuse/Addiction
    There are two main types of addiction: chemical (alcohol, narcotics, caffeine), and process (gambling, sex, internet). Sarah has treated substance abuse and addiction since the beginning of her career, and helps instill both hope and self-efficacy within her clients through the counseling process.